We have many ways of classification for wire mesh, for example, by weaving styles, materials, applications.
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According to metal materials, it can be classified into:
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Galvanized Wire Mesh
Plain Steel Wire Mesh
Aluminum Mesh
Copper Mesh
Phosphor Bronze Wire Cloth
Silver Mesh
Monel Wire Mesh
Polyester Mesh
Fiberglass Mesh
Plastic Netting

According to processing differences, we have:
Woven wire mesh
Welded mesh
Perforated metal
Expanded metal
Chain link

According to the mesh opening, we supply:
Square mesh
Space mesh
Rectangular mesh
Round opening sheet mesh
Diamond mesh
Hexagonal opening
Various decorative openings

Wire mesh can have a large number of different names from its wide application:
Filter wire cloth
Concrete wire mesh
Reinforcement mesh
Debris netting
Construction mesh
Chicken netting
Geogrid mesh
Decorative wire mesh
Security fencing
Garden fences
Sifting screen and much more.

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