Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Series:
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Series

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Plain weave is the most commonly used weave. Each warp wire crosses alternately above and below each weft wire. Warp and weft wires generally have the same diameter.

Twill Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh is made by each weft wire passing alternately over two, and then under two successive warp wires and each warp wire passing alternately over two and under two successive weft wires. It is possible to be used to allow a heavier flow than standard wire diameter.

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Reinforcing Mesh (Welded Wire):
Welded Wire Mesh Series

Heavy type steel welded wire mesh can be fabricated into panels or deformed into wire works to strengthen the concrete structures. Made of galvanized wire or plain steel wire.

Used in slab reinforcing, brickwork strengthening and concrete reinforcing…

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Wire Guards Series:
Wire Guards Series

Malls (China) Wire Mesh Manufacturing Co. has equipment to work any forms ofwire meshproducts. Flat or rolled wire fabrics can be cut to any profile and fabricated into any fence shapes. The appropriate welding processes ensure the good quality and strength of the wire mesh guards.

Variety: Railway guards, machine guards, pet guards…..

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Wedge Wire Series:
Wedge Wire Series

Our engineering expertise and experience accumulated over the past 10 years of services to customers world wide allows Mallas to provide the exact wire mesh to mine developing, crude oil, ground water exploration and a diverse range of applications solving problems of liquid –solid and solid –gas separation. Wedge wire, is one of the core products offered by Mallas for solution of mine sifting…

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Wire Mesh Containers

WIRE CONTAINERS TYPES – Mallas (China) Wire Mesh Manufacturing has experience in wire fabrication. We are fully qualified to manufacture from all types of carbon steel and stainless steel. Mallas is able to supply collapsible wire mesh containers and folded wire carts for supermarket, airport and other uses.

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Welcome to Mallas China


Since 1998, Mallas (China) Wire Mesh Manufacturing has been recognized as one of the premier weaver and fabricators of wire mesh and miscellaneous wire products in North China. Our staff is committed to providing the highest quality wire products that meet the most demanding requirements.

As a company, we strive to serve the needs of our customers and our employees by encouraging continued education and the implementation of new procedures and technologies in weaving, welding and processing of wire mesh to ensure that the exact product is made for our users.

Our Capabilities...

WEAVING – With over ten years in the manufacturing of woven wire, Mallas China stands out in terms of experience and expertise when it comes to wire mesh Plain Weaving, Twill Weaving and Dutch Weaving of stainless steel, brass, copper and other metals.

WELDING - All welding is performed in conformance to GB standard or ISO9001 standard with automatic wire welding machines. Mallas welding offer firm welding spot and structures.

FABRICATING – Mallas China is proud to offer wire shelves, partitions, decking, wire guards, grilles, mesh containers, cages, wire fences, barriers, and wire processed racks.

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